Friday's News & Ideas - 2/8/2019

  • Trinity Church, big-time developer
  • Making communion bread
  • National Prayer Breakfast
  • College & vocation
  • Give church back to the people
  • Time for happiness

The Wall Street church with the $6 billion portfolio
The New York Times: While many houses of worship are warding off developers as they struggle to hold on to their buildings, Trinity Church has become a big-time developer itself.

Can food nourish your soul? Communion bread
Aeon: "If you don't believe in God, the life of a Carmelite nun is nonsense, and I was willing to take the chance."

Trump strikes muted tone at National Prayer Breakfast, plays up evangelical interests
Religion News Service: "I will never let you down, I can say that -- never," Trump said to the attendees at the religious gathering.

One way to make college meaningful
The New York Times: Don't find yourself; find a vocation.

It's time to give the church back to the people -- literally
U.S. Catholic: An (im)modest proposal for church renewal.

The Spark

Time for happiness
At Harvard Business Review, why the pursuit of money isn't bringing you joy -- and what will.

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