Friday's News & Ideas

  • Pastoral fears
  • Religion in B-school
  • Sistine frescoes ruined?
  • Temporary order in SC fight
  • Real Preacher Wives of Atlanta
  • Seven days in a week

Secret fears of your pastorAbilene (Texas) Reporter News: The bottom line for many pastors is that they are afraid to level with their people -- person to person.

Does religion belong in the B-school curriculum?Businessweek: How can business educators claim credit for understanding, let alone teaching, the "global mind" without a single course on the impact of religion on every day life?

Did the Vatican ruin the Sistine Chapel frescoes?Big Think: The Vatican authorities are in conservation crisis today because they stripped the Sistine Chapel frescoes bare in the 1980s and 1990s.

S.C. Episcopal diocese claims a victory in secession struggleReligion News Service: A South Carolina judge issues a temporary restraining order that prevents the national church from using the name or seal of the diocese.

Lives of praise, lives in progress on 'The Sisterhood'NPR: Atlanta-based reality show that follows the lives of five preachers' wives has stirred up a bit of controversy for its scenes of squabbling.

The Spark

Why are there seven days in a week?A week made up of seven days is part of our modern global culture, but its origins date back to ancient civilization, the BBC reports. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Romans bridges and roads but it is probably from the ancient Babylonians that we get the seven-day week.

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