Friday's News & Ideas

  • Build-A-Bear theology
  • It starts with a burden
  • Reconciling work and faith
  • Companies rarely change
  • God, compromise & the fiscal cliff
  • Africa for Norway

The dangers of a "Build-A-Bear" theologyPatheos: Frederick Schmidt says Build-A-Bear theology lacks the breadth or depth to attract others and lives in a disconnect from the past and the future.

A life's ministry springs from a dilemma over AIDSNPR: Pastor tells StoryCorps about a funeral that shaped his future: "Everything good that I've been able to accomplish has started with some kind of a burden."

What we may have in common with 'Two and a Half Men' actorCNN Belief blog: Though dramatic, young actor's experience is universal in how many job holders struggle to reconcile work and spiritual values, experts say.

Can Walmart change?Daily Beast: Even when they face extinction, companies rarely change, at least not in fundamental ways.

Would God compromise to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'?Washington Post: When it comes to nation's budget crisis, even the most devout can be hardliners.

The Spark

Africa For NorwayYou've heard of "Feed the World"? This is "Heat the World." There won't be snow in Africa, but there will be in Norway, so as NPR reports, the good people of Sunny Africa want to donate radiators -- thus the name Radi-Aid -- to poor Norwegians suffering from the cold and dying of frostbite.

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