Friday's News & Ideas

  • Religion & the shutdown to come
  • Church stereotypes, Googled
  • Swedish elk head pastor
  • Hispanic nones
  • Depression & God
  • Martin, Stradivarius of guitars

Shutdown is over, but there will be a next timeReligion Dispatches: There will be a next time and a next time until an alternate vision of society stirs hearts, minds and votes for a better America.

Church stereotypes, according to GoogleChristianity Today: What millions and millions of searches reveal about Internet users' perceptions.

Pastor dons antlers for Swedish elk hunt sermonThe Local (Sweden): Parishioners in central Sweden got a shock when the female pastor and newly licensed hunter conducting the town's annual "elk hunt sermon" appeared wearing some unusual headwear.

Hispanics increasingly identify as 'nones'Religion News Service: The number of Hispanic-Americans who say they adhere to no religion is growing and now rivals the number of Hispanic evangelicals, a new study has found.

Darkness as my constant companionThe (London) Guardian: We all have to cope with dark feelings at times and, for Giles Fraser, God is the name of the struggle, the question not the answer.

The Spark

Roll over, StradivariusFor guitar aficionados, a visit to the C. F. Martin & Company factory is akin to a religious experience, The New York Times reports. A new book argues that the company's founder was not only a craftsman and entrepreneur, but also a design and technology innovator of the first order. As a co-editor said, the Martin guitar "deserves to be adjacent to a Stradivarius violin."

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