Friday's News & Ideas

  • PK stress
  • Kierkegaard still matters
  • Rancher on religion & animal rights
  • Hollywood goes biblical
  • Nones & prayer
  • Cure for distractions

Beneath the stereotypes, a stressful life for preachers' kidsReligion News Service: Beneath the stereotypes of preacher's kids as either goody two-shoes or devilish hellions lies a tense and sometimes taxing reality.

Rogue philosopher, great communicatorThe New York Times: 200 years after his birth, in ways that are not always immediately apparent, Kierkegaard still matters.

Is it fair to use religion in the animal rights debate?Beef: Amanda Radkee, a fifth-generation rancher from Mitchell, S.D., on using the Bible to preach why we shouldn't eat meat.

Hollywood seeks divine inspiration with biblical epicsBBC: With epic stories about Noah, Moses and Cain and Abel all due to hit our screens, is the Bible movie set to take over from the superhero film?

What the 'nones' teach us on the National Day of PrayerWashington Post: Prayer stands alone among traditional practices like attending church and reading scripture tracked by pollsters as "spiritually meaningful" for nones.

The Spark

Thinking capDecades before Twitter, Snapchat, and viral cat videos, inventor Hugo Gernsback bemoaned the difficulty of concentrating on desk work, Pacific-Standard reports. His solution, presented in the July 1925 edition of Science and Invention magazine, was elegant in its simplicity, if not its design: the Isolator.

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