Friday's News & Ideas

  • Revolutionary Christianity
  • Certainty & extremists
  • Pro-life victory
  • Pope in Lebanon
  • Live longer with creativity
  • Skateboarding in Kabul

Christianity needs revolutionThe Daily O'Collegian: A senior at Oklahoma State University found himself questioning the suburban model of Christian faith. There's no way Christianity could be that easy.

My Take: A deadly link between Islamic and anti-Islamic extremistsCNN Belief blog: Our world is not divided first and foremost along religious or national lines, but between the certain and the uncertain.NPR: Copts in U.S. fear 'terrible' reaction in Egypt to Muhammad filmPacific Standard: The real reason the Middle East is rioting

What does victory look like for the pro-life movement?US Catholic: For all who believe overturning Roe v. Wade is the magic solution to ending abortion in the United States, it is worth considering the state of abortion in Poland.

Pope Benedict XVI visits Lebanon as 'pilgrim of peace'BBC: Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in Lebanon with a peace message, saluting the Arab Spring and calling for an end to the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Creativity predicts a longer lifeScientific American: The trait of openness improves health through creativity.

The Spark

Skateboarding in KabulA skateboarding park in Afghanistan might seem a little out of place. But in a country where nearly 70 percent of the population is under the age of 25, Oliver Percovich -- the founder of the NGO Skateistan -- decided there was an unique opportunity to work for peace. Foreign Policy presents half-pipes and headscarves in the Hindu Kush.

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