Friday's News & Ideas

  • Budgets for a changing church
  • Pastoral bishops, a game-changer
  • Hauerwas on Syria
  • Christians & football
  • Chris Heuertz Q&A
  • Bye bye, VW bus

The shocking un-truth about church budgetsAssociated Baptist Press: Churches are no longer the backbone of society but mission posts. And that requires new ways of looking at the allocation of financial resources, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

Pope Francis' game-changing decision: non-ambitious, pastoral bishops National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis' call for bishops with pastoral experience may be the biggest game-changer he has yet injected into the church's daily life. What makes America so prone to intervention? The Atlantic: A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas, pacifist theologian, on Syria and why "humanitarianism" is a red herring.

Our shaken faith in footballChristianity Today: Should Christian fans step away from such a physically devastating, violent sport?

Doing "good" better: An interview with Chris HeuertzReligion News Service: Author and activist Chris Heuertz talks about hidden gifts, divine loneliness, and how to do "good" better.

The Spark

Bye bye, VW bus: The end of an era in Brazil Only Brazil still produces the classic 56-year-old VW camper van, but not for much longer, Spiegel reports. With a final special edition series of the beloved vehicle wrapping up before year's end, the race is on for those looking to buy used models.

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