Friday's News & Ideas

  • Lead, not facilitate
  • Dangerous identify
  • Building a church
  • Mission trip tips
  • Tale of two Ryans
  • Late act in the footlights

What is a pastor to bePatheos: Pastors cannot simply facilitate the unfolding Christian identity of a Christian community. Instead they will need to lead.

Mistaken identityAssociated Baptist Press: Houses of worship ought to be the safest places in America, but history shows that religious identity has always been a dangerous marker in the United States.

Memphis pastor building his own churchThe (Memphis) Commercial-Appeal: Pastor Napoleon Earl built his Ryanwood Church of God in Whitehaven by hand with the help of family and friends.

Why you shouldn't build a house on your next mission tripOutreach: Dan King offers surprising insights into what makes an effective short-term mission trip.

The difference a century makes: a tale of two RyansReligion & Politics: In Catholic circles, the name Ryan in relation to the economy usually brings to mind another important figure, arguably the most influential American Catholic social and economic thinker of the twentieth century.

The Spark

For healthy aging, a late act in the footlightsAbsent money and a sense of possibilities, retirement can become more time to fill with television. Which is why the Burbank Senior Artists Colony is remarkable, The New York Times reports. Residents may arrive with no previous artistic experience or skill as an artist -- but artists they become.

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