Friday's News & Ideas

  • Why non-Catholics should care
  • No innovation without tradition
  • Jesuit poster boy on the new pope
  • Mohler denounces papacy
  • Jazz in worship
  • Exhausted dads

Why should Protestants care about the pope?St. Louis Post-Dispatch: It is what it is. In many ways, for better and/or worse, Christianity still goes through Rome.

Copy claim createDaily Episcopalian: It's a process that characterizes all life. We can't skip to innovation without first imitating and assimilating a tradition.

A prominent Jesuit talks about the order's first popeThe Daily Beast: Father James Martin, the Jesuit world's poster boy, gives some expert advice on understanding the new pope.

SBC leader denounces papacyAssociated Baptist Press: Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler says papal authority is "anathema" to evangelical beliefs.Christianity Today: Why Pope Francis excites (most) evangelical leaders

God's love supreme: The arrival of jazz as Christian worship musicThe Atlantic: Some churches have brought improvised jazz into the sanctuary because of its prayerful, stirring power; others, because it attracts attendees who might otherwise skip.

The Spark

More fathers than mothers say they aren't spending enough time with their kidsThey worry they don't spend enough time with their kids. They're exhausted by how much they have to cram into their days, juggling work with household chores, chauffeuring, supervising homework and planning the Girl Scout camping trip. This isn't just Mom anymore, the Washington Post reports. This is Dad.

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