Friday's News & Ideas - 1/25/2019

  • Future more Gaga than Pence
  • Too little, too late on young people
  • Covington boys
  • Saving Holocaust survivors' testimony
  • 'In God We Trust' movement
  • Human cognitive diversity dwindling

Christianity's future looks more like Lady Gaga than Mike Pence
CNN: Our public imagination needs to make room for the diversity of Christianity in America, which will only happen if more people like Ocasio-Cortez and Lady Gaga speak up.

The Catholic Church has no idea how to win over young people
Vice: The Vatican's spiffy "Click to Pray" app isn't going to save it. In short, initiatives like this one may be way too little, too late.

Covington boys: the difference between jerks and monsters
Slate: The bothersome teens of Covington Catholic aren't heroes or horrors.
Dallas Morning News: The public face of Christianity has become a cartoon .

As survivors age, Holocaust educators rush to preserve their irreplaceable testimony
Religion News Service: The race against time has prompted a program to take survivors back to their hometowns in Europe to film their recollections of the places where they experienced the catastrophe most acutely.

Legislating 'In God We Trust': using the state to do the Church's work
Baptist News Global: As something of an old-timey Baptist on matters of religious liberty, Bill Leonard would ask several questions of the "In God We Trust" movement.

The Spark

What happens to cognitive diversity when everyone is more WEIRD?
On all continents, even in the world's remotest regions, indigenous people are swapping their distinctive ways of parsing the world for Western, globalized ones, Aeon reports. As a result, human cognitive diversity is dwindling.

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