Friday's News & Ideas

  • Spirituality & work
  • Egomaniacal leadership epidemic
  • Christianity & fallen woman stereotype
  • St. Paul seminary update
  • Cokesbury impact on seminaries
  • Meekness as a virtue

Spirituality in the workplace: accommodated or embraced?Patheos: It is not surprising that conversations about spirituality in the workplace become about how to accommodate the spiritual, if it can be accommodated at all.

The I's have itWall Street Journal: Peggy Noonan says an epidemic of egomania is striking America's civilian and military leadership.

Gen. David Petraeus may have fallen from pedestal, but woe to the ‘fallen woman’Washington Post: The stereotypes surrounding Petraeus-Broadwell affair are almost as old as Christianity.

Saint Paul seminary agrees to specifics of move as Adam Hamilton steps down as board chairUnited Methodist Reporter: Well-known UM pastor and author resigns as seminary board chair to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Cokesbury closures challenge seminariesUnited Methodist News Service: Closing of Cokesbury stores has theological schools across the United States scrambling to determine their next move.

Notice to confirmation candidates: Be careful what you post on FacebookUS Catholic: Minnesota teen is denied confirmation after posting photo on Facebook opposing state’s proposed amendment banning gay marriage.

The Spark

Bringing back meekness as a virtueThe milquetoast has been, and continues to be, maligned. But, as Rhoda Feng explains in the Atlantic, meekness is far better than anger.

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