Friday's News & Ideas - 12/21/2018

  • Evangelicals & LGBTQ compromise
  • Clergy trust drops
  • Pope: Abusers, turn yourself in
  • Gene-editing & theological outrage
  • Irony of seminary report on slavery
  • Looking a lot like Christmas

A push for compromise on LGBTQ protections may tear evangelicals apart
Religion News Service: The National Association of Evangelicals and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities want protections for sexual orientation and gender identity as well as strong religious exemptions. But will evangelicals embrace such a compromise?

Gallup says ethics rating for clergy drops to lowest ever; nurses tops in trust
The Birmingham (Alabama) News: Gallup has measured America's view of clergy honesty and ethics 34 times beginning in 1977, and this year's 37 percent very high or high rating is the lowest ever measured.
Gallup: Nurses again outpace other professions for honesty, ethics

Pope Francis tells clerics who abuse minors to hand themselves in
CNN: Pope Francis has told those who abuse minors to hand themselves in to civil justice authorities and "prepare for divine justice," in his strongest words to date on the sex abuse crisis roiling the Roman Catholic Church.

Unto us a child is … gene-edited?
Sightings: In addition to scientific objections, should there also be theological outrage with gene-editing experiments? 

The irony of a Southern Baptist seminary's report on slavery and racism
Baptist News Global: Susan Shaw wonders, does the seminary's leadership really not hear the parallels? Do they really not see the irony?

The Spark

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Around the world, lighted displays, colorful markets, and Santa's helpers are out in force. At The Atlantic, from Europe to the Americas and Asia, a collection of holiday cheer and light wrapped up in 35 photographs.

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