Friday's News & Ideas - 12/1/2017

  • Churches & sexual harassment
  • Why young women become pastors
  • 10 tips for Advent
  • Managers needed to free up clergy?
  • Ethical guide to giving
  • Touch, the fact-checking sense

What churches must do right now to stop being part of the sexual harassment problem
The Washington Post: Nearly all women in our pews have been victims of sexual aggression, but we are failing to act, says the Rev. Amy Butler. Every single church should offer tangible help to victims.

Young clergy women tell all: the real reasons we became pastors
Young Clergy Women Project: Here are the real reasons we became pastors, confessed by young clergy women, of many denominations and regions, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A busy Catholic's guide to Advent: 10 tips for observing the season
National Catholic reporter: Here are 10 simple tips for your Advent observation, from one busy person to another.

Centre for Theology and Community: professional managers 'could free up clergy for pastoral work'
Church Times: Hiring professional managers can significantly benefit churches by allowing priests-in-charge to spend more time on core ministries, new research from the Centre for Theology and Community suggests.

An ethical guide to responsible giving
The Conversation: Before you reach for that checkbook or give to a charity online, pause to think about what makes a cause good in the first place.

The Spark

Why you need to touch your keys to believe they're in your bag
Contrary to the proverbial expression that "seeing is believing," it is touch that secures our epistemic grip on reality, Aeon reports. But what does touch bring if vision already tells you everything you need to know?

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