Friday's News & Ideas - 11/30/2018

  • Sanctuary & ICE
  • Advent & John the Baptist
  • Upside to buildings
  • Downside to CEO worship
  • Dorothy Day
  • Preacher Love

Sanctuary churches' rocky relations with ICE strained after arrest of undocumented man
Religion News Service: Churches that provide sanctuary to people at risk of deportation are doubling down on security and wondering how best to deal with ICE.

Fleming Rutledge: John the Baptist points to the real hope of Advent
Christianity Today: We're not awaiting a helpless baby, but a righteous and powerful judge.

Learning to love our church's (expensive) steeple
The Christian Century: At first Rochelle A. Stackhouse resented the costly repairs. Then she took a closer look.

CEOs have never been more idolized. 5 experts explain why that's a problem.
Vox: It's bad for society, for business, and for CEOs themselves.

Dorothy Day -- 'a saint for our times'
The Conversation: The founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day, led a life full of paradoxes. An expert explains how there's much to learn from her life -- especially how to see beauty in the least.

The Spark

The preacher
Mark Wilson's grandfather was a preacher, a pastor in the Southern Baptist tradition who could convince you the church steps led into the lake of fire if you weren't "living right." But as Wilson writes at The Bitter Southerner, "he led a much more New Testament life."

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