Friday's News & Ideas - 11/16/2018

  • All-faiths abuse inquiry?
  • Bishops' amateur hour
  • Changing role of chaplains
  • Stockdale Paradox
  • Twitter's 'Like' problem
  • Dehumanizing people with Down syndrome

Clergy sex abuse: Why a national all-faiths inquiry is needed
Religion News Service: Federal intervention into Catholic sexual abuse scandals is a significant and long overdue development. But what about other faith groups?

Amateur hour at the bishops' conference
National Catholic Reporter: When the bishops began discussing proposals earlier this week, it became obvious that the proposals were ill-conceived and would have fallen apart on their own, without any help from Rome.
Religion News Service: Bishops continue to define response to sex abuse despite Vatican call for delay

From bicycle to social movements, the changing role of chaplains in the US
The Conversation: The traditional role of chaplains is changing. They are increasingly present in social movements such as Occupy, Standing Rock and Black Lives Matter.

Stockdale Paradox: Why confronting reality is vital to success
Big Think: Balancing realism and optimism in a dire situation is a key to success.

Twitter's "Like" problem
Sightings: If you have Twitter thumbs, you may need to brace yourself because rumors are circulating that Twitter may soon be breaking up with the "Like" button, says A. Trevor Sutton.

The Spark

People with Down syndrome are not endangered animals
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society recently launched an Internet campaign featuring young adults and children with Down syndrome dressed as endangered species such as a polar bear, a panda, a lion, a rhinoceros, and a sea turtle. But as David M. Perry writes at Pacific-Standard, cute, well-intentioned depictions of people with Down syndrome as charismatic megafauna literally dehumanize them.

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