Friday's News & Ideas - 11/10/2017

  • VA offers clergy training for vets
  • Orthodox Christianity today
  • When to pray and act
  • SBC church shunned over female pastor
  • Non-religious to surpass Protestants by 2035
  • Marvel's Black Panther as leader

‘It’s really up to all of us’ VA offers clergy training to help deal with vets
Greenfield (Vermont) Recorder: Clergy are the first responders to the veteran community, said Chaplain Steve Sullivan of the VA’s Community Clergy Training Program. It is all right, he said, for people to “own their ignorance” and simply provide comfort and support -- instead of false, empty claims to truly understand -- to veterans dealing with issues stemming from the service.

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st century
Pew Research Center: Concentrated in Europe, Orthodox Christians have declined as a percentage of the global population but the Ethiopian community is highly observant and growing.

Who decides when we as a country pray and when we act?
Religion News Service: As an Episcopal priest and director of the Interfaith Center of New York, I believe the dichotomy between prayers and action portrayed in the Twitter feeds of our leaders is a false one and serves neither the dead, the bereaved, nor our nation as a whole, writes Chloe Breyer. It reveals a narrow view of prayer on the one hand and a shortsighted understanding of action on the other.

Tennessee Baptist church fights conference shunning over hiring of female pastor
USA Today: First Baptist Church of Jefferson City hired a woman as its lead pastor this fall and now may lose voting rights at next week's Tennessee Baptist Convention.

Survey predicts huge amount of non-religious Americans by 2035
Big Think: The U.S. has been steadily losing its religion for decades. For the most part, Protestants have been leaving the church while the affiliation rates among Catholicism and other religions in the country have remained stable. But since 1990, Americans have been abandoning both belief and religious affiliation at such a fast pace that, by 2035, it's likely that 35 percent of the population will have no religious affiliation -- outnumbering Protestants.
Bearings: Start by listening: how Christians can find common ground with SBNR

The Spark

Marvel's Black Panther rules. Literally.
In the new Marvel Studios movie, Chadwick Boseman plays T'Challa or Black Panther, the first black mainstream comic book hero, created in 1966. In an interview, Boseman talks about power, heroism and what accent fits his character, the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the world's most technologically advanced, and secretive, country. Also, posters.

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