Friday's News & Ideas

  • Politics, religion & race
  • CoE bishops & gay clergy
  • Archbishop's DUI joke
  • Russians offended by Apple logo
  • Mother Teresa & the Psalms
  • Twitter good for democracy?

Does a candidates' faith matter? Answer hinges largely on raceCNN Belief blog: Survey shows striking racial and religious divides over the role of religion in presidential politics.

Church of England bishops urged to have honest discussion about gay clergyThe (London) Guardian: Christian gay rights network tells bishops reviewing church's position on civil partnerships to "speak the truth."

SF prelate jokes about DUI charge at installationAssociated Press: San Francisco's new Roman Catholic archbishop made self-deprecating jokes about his recent drunken-driving arrest during his formal installation ceremony.

Russian Christians demand Apple change 'offensive' logo to crossChristian Post: Orthodox Christians in Russia find Apple logo offense to their beliefs and demand that it replaced with a cross.

Mother Teresa's inner battle echoes words from Psalm 22Religion News Service: Psalms and Mother Teresa's letters suggest that lament and celebration can exist simultaneously.


Is Twitter good for democracy?The first presidential debate was the most tweeted US political event in history. But BBC Magazine asks, does it matter?

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