Friday's News & Ideas - 10/26/2018

  • ICE detainees & clergy access
  • Our relationship with the news
  • Bible's scary monsters
  • Hell as moral guide
  • Experiencing the divine
  • Lessons from 30th college reunion

For ICE detainees, access to clergy is infrequent or absent altogether, rights groups say
Religion News Service: For detainees, comfort from clergy and faith in God are often the only glimmers of hope in a climate of deep despair.

Rethinking our relationship with the news
Christianity Today: Both religion and politics have complicated it. How do we start fresh?

Sea monsters, giants and angels, oh my! Why you should study the Bible's scary, surprising monsters
Deseret News: By redesigning or ignoring biblical monsters, we miss a chance to have deeper conversations about why bad things happen and how God wants us to respond.

Why the Christian idea of hell no longer persuades people to care for the poor
The Conversation: Hell-themed Halloween attractions play on people's fears. The early depictions of hell were meant to use fear as a moral guide to help others.

A divine pat
Harper's: John Cleese has a hunch that, if he could ever get quiet and free for a moment from his negativity, he might get a gift from God.

The Spark

What I learned about life at my 30th college reunion
Not that it's an exhaustive list, but at the Atlantic, Deborah Copaken offers 30 simple shared truths she discovered at her 30th reunion of Harvard's class of 1988.

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