Friday's News & Ideas - 10/20/2017

  • Nazis & Luther's legacy
  • Civility in the public square
  • White evangelicals & Christian Zionism
  • Pressuring for clarity on gay issues
  • Cross monument unconstitutional
  • Vulgarity & normalizing predators

Berlin exhibition highlights how the Nazis exploited Martin Luther's legacy
Religion News Service: Martin Luther is such a towering figure in German history that it's no surprise Adolf Hitler's Third Reich exploited his name whenever it could.

Tim Keller: civility in the public square
CCC Discover: What will it take to create genuinely pluralistic society?

White evangelicals used to dominate Christian Zionism, but not anymore
The Atlantic: Why thousands of Christians from across the globe travel to Jerusalem each year to celebrate a Jewish holiday.

Church Clarity pressures pastors and churches to disclose views on homosexuality
Religion News Service: Prominent pastors are finding themselves on the hot seat thanks to a new group's efforts to call out leaders who lack clear stances, writes Jonathan Merritt.

Towering cross-shaped monument on public land is unconstitutional, court rules
The Washington Post: A federal appeals court on Wednesday declared unconstitutional a towering cross-shaped monument that has marked a major intersection in Prince George's County for 90 years.

The Spark

How vulgarity normalizes predators
When we normalize behavior that is just shy of assault, we give cover to sexual assailants and harassers. One of those behaviors is vulgarity, Leah Libresco Sargeant writes at First Things. "The more we embrace vulgarity and the breaking of taboos as liberating, the more predators will flourish."

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