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Via their avatars, children and teens gather for worship in the sanctuary of The Robloxian Christians. 

Teen's online church draws young people from around the world

Founded and pastored by a Tacoma teenager, The Robloxian Christians is a real -- albeit virtual -- church where young people gather to worship, pray and connect. And it has important lessons for those who lead traditional churches and church-related institutions.

Prayer meeting

Teenage pilgrims gather for mid-day prayer in the meeting-room-turned-sanctuary at Youthfront LaCygne in LaCygne, Kansas.
Photos courtesy of Youthfront

Youthfront unleashes the theological imagination of young people

Youthfront, a 72-year-old Kansas City youth ministry, is passionate about recovering classic Christian formation in the lives of young people. At Youthfront LaCygne, they’ve created a theological playground, a space for young people to think, reflect, doubt and pray.