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Starr Garrett of the Memphis Teacher Residency

Memphis Teacher Residency intern Starr Garrett teaching at Kingsbury Elementary, a Memphis public school. MTR participants live and work together in a yearlong internship, then commit to teach in Memphis' underserved schools.
Photo by Karen Pulfer Focht

Living out the gospel by teaching, not preaching

The Memphis Teacher Residency prepares teachers to work in low-performing public schools in an intensive program that offers training and ongoing support. The ultimate goal, says its founder, is to bring justice to the poor and oppressed.

Laura Everett: The sacramentality of tattoos

Following an Orthodox tradition, the executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches got a tattoo to commemorate her pilgrimage to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It is a visible sign that points to invisible realities, she says.

The background of the cross

Hanging crosses in an entryway or an office is a statement of faith and connects those who pass by to a great cloud of witnesses. What strategies do you use to signal the background of your life?