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Tuesday's News & Ideas

Are excessive activities a sign of an ailing church? Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, worries about church bulletin boards that are overstuffed with announcements. Is there room left for God? For listening to the Christ who prays in and through the one in the pew beside you?

Monday's News & Ideas

  • Holocaust-denying bishop story not going away
  • Rural churches, on the other hand, are going away
  • A doctor made to listen to her patient

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Since at least the 1960's, the word "institution" has conjured up only negative images. But could it be, David Brooks asks, that institutions actually make many of the goods in our lives possible--such that their disintegration is cause for lament? Also faith and Superbowl Sunday and reflections on the death of John Updike.

Monday's News & Ideas

  • Let's lose the "traditional" vs "contemporary" distinction
  • B16 reaches out to the hyper-conservatives (and worries everyone else)
  • Maybe prayer (quietly) works

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Lots of God at the inauguration, including one Obama-linked pastor who wasn't asked to pray. Plus for-profit universities. Are they an anomaly or the wave of the future? (Stanley Fish comments).


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