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Monday's News & Ideas

  • Keys to change: Urgency, communication and quick wins
  • Guns or no guns?
  • Church man bait: Beer, bacon and chocolate
  • The epistle of Peter to Jillian

Thursday's News & Ideas

  • What does one seek in a megachurch?
  • Luther tourism without any . . . Lutherans
  • Sloth and serenity: the recliner and glorious minimalist church architecture

Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • CA's Catholic bishops take up for state's poor
  • What are leaders for? Storytelling, that's what
  • Where to eat in America (before the food police move in and outlaw it all)

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Bad economy: good for non-profits
  • A trinitarian account of Twitter
  • Stories "as they will be reflected in the kindly mirrors of future times"

Monday's News & Ideas

  • Black church leaders find a third way between soul-saving and prosperity
  • When you talk to a girl who is 15 and has been prostituted, it doesn’t matter anymore if you are pro-life or pro-choice . . .
  • When children lead parents back to faith


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