Friday's News & Ideas

  • Language, law and culture
  • Things for laity to unlearn
  • Building change into university DNA
  • Life after church closing
  • Orthodox Jews protect UK mosque
  • Chill out now

Marriage, the church and the Supreme CourtNational Catholic Reporter: Language and law shape the culture. It is high time that both sides in this fight adopt different ways of speaking about this issue.CNN Belief blog: Rachel Held Evans: Not all religious convictions are writ in stone

Things for United Methodist laity to unlearn -- from a layperson's POVUnited Methodist Reporter: It's time for laity to do our own inventory and look at the things we need to unlearn, says Kentucky lay leader.

Building change into university DNAStanford Social Innovation Review: Ashoka U's Marina Kim says students are demanding education that will allow them to align their values with their academic and career choices.

There'll always be an EnglandThe Economist, Erasmus blog: "Closing" an Anglican church doesn't mean that it will never again be a site of prayer.

British Orthodox Jews will help protect mosqueThe Jewish Daily Forward: An Orthodox Jewish patrol group in London said it would protect a mosque after a rise in hate crimes against Muslims.

The Spark

What careerist Americans can learn from Ike, Dorothy Day and Jimmy BuffettMost earthly problems are revealed as inconsequential when we step back and ponder them in the grand scheme of the universe, Conor Friedersdorf writes at The Atlantic. For some, intense work should eventually give way to introspection. Other people should just chill out immediately .

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