Custom Programs

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity designs and develops customized offerings for particular constituents. We work in partnership with denominational offices, congregational leaders and others to assess needs and facilitate learning experiences that strengthen individuals, organizations and systems.

Our competencies include:

  1. Defining educational outcomes for organizational opportunities and challenges;
  2. Designing interactive educational experiences;
  3. Recruiting faculty from our own and other programs to provide the highest quality leadership available; and
  4. Reflecting on the theological assumptions that undergird an organization’s mission that should inform the design and delivery of educational offerings.

Our recent work has included an ongoing program serving bishops, who come together twice a year to develop a deeper and richer theological imagination and build their own capacities as leaders facing such challenges as globalization within the church, deploying pastors and encouraging innovation. In partnership with Duke's Fuqua School of Business, we have brought together a group of organizational leaders to explore the way the nation's financial crisis affects stewardship in Christian institutions. We work with a group of large church pastors to explore the particular needs of these congregations, and have facilitated a conversation with denominational leaders about the way a church's history influences its future.

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Generative Solutions

Generative Solutions is a “learning while working” process that focuses on learning to define problems; mobilize key stakeholders; conduct research; think strategically; and experiment, evaluate and experiment again.

The purpose will be to build the leadership capacity of the participating institutions; increase collaboration across networks; and develop a sustainable set of initiatives to address a vexing challenge.

While each process follows the same basic 18-month process, each engagement is custom-designed. Participating institutions pledge time and money to the Generative Solutions process. Read more »