Programs & Training

Faith & Leadership is an offering Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, which also designs educational programs for Christian leaders. To find a program that fits your needs, select one of the options below or contact us.

Foundations of Christian Leadership

Foundations of Christian Leadership is a learning community that aims to help leaders cultivate the kinds of practices that are essential for transformative leadership within vibrant Christian institutions and congregations.. It is open to people who have been in a leadership position in a Christian institution for fewer than five years; lay people who have been called to serve on a congregational staff and are seeking to apply their outside experience to a church; and associate pastors who are members of multi-staff congregations. Read more »

Denominational Leadership: Serving God and the Church as an Executive Leader

Denominational Leadership equips denominational staff members who have previously served congregations with tools and strategies to effectively navigate the complexities and changing landscape of institutional leadership. People of all denominations who are transitioning from parish ministry to executive-level positions within denominational governing bodies or who have been in their role fewer than three years are welcome to apply for this selective program. Read more »