Resources for Money

Vibrant institutions are attentive to economic strategies and practices that enable their sustenance and growth. How can Christian leaders deploy sound business principles and be true to the call to sacrifice and serve others in the gospel?

Our resources, while not exhaustive, will allow you to explore this topic more fully. The foundational resources are important for the development of transformative leaders. The formational resources are of a different sort. These are meant to spark your imagination by introducing you to stories and ideas that have surprising insight into the practice of Christian leadership.

Foundational Resources

Formational Resources

  • The Choir by Joanna Trollope – A contemporary novel about what happens when money concerns overtake ministry in an English cathedral town
  • Cluny by Edwin Mullins – The history of a medieval monastery’s rise and decline in influence and money
  • The Fear of Beggars by Kelly Johnson – An interdisciplinary critique of historical and current attitudes about stewardship and money
  • On Wealth and Poverty by Saint John Chrysostom – Six sermons on money by an early church father, Christian pastor and thinker