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December 18, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

St. Rose priest mourns with his flock after witnessing his parishioners' grief
Washington Post: Nothing at seminary had trained Monsignor Robert Weiss for this week. Nothing about his 13 years at St. Rose. Nothing about his understanding of the world.

The slaughter of the innocents
Daily Episcopalian: We can't make Sandy Hook meaningful by looking backward, but only by moving forward, by working alongside a God Who is for us, says Marilyn McCord Adams.

My Take: Obama's Newtown remarks show presidents as pastors in chief
CNN Belief blog: President Obama's remarks at an interfaith service in Newtown wasn't a speech but a sermon, says Stephen Prothero. And it is worthy of the talents of our current pastor in chief.

Study finds one in 6 follows no religion
The New York Times: A global study of religious adherence finds that about one of every six people worldwide has no religious affiliation.
Pew Forum: The global religious landscape

At Christmas, the babe in the manger isn't always white
Religion News Service: At this time of year, many Christians dispel the go-to image of a white baby Jesus by including a Christ child of other colors in Nativity scenes and plays.

The Spark

The public square
Last year, documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady followed Terry Jones to New York for the events surrounding the 10th anniversary of 9/11. One day at the World Trade Center site, the hate was overwhelming. But on Sept. 10, they followed Jones to Times Square, where bystanders listened, silently at first, while he ranted against Islam. Then, incredibly, the crowd responded not with taunts, jeers or indifference. . . but with the Beatles.

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