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December 5, 2012

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Gallup survey finds a majority of Americans still religious
The Daily Beast: A new survey shows that, despite the endless reports of rising secularism in the United States, we're still an overwhelmingly religious nation.
The (London) Guardian: Surveying religious belief needs social science not hard science

Christianity Today announces leadership change
Christian Today: Mark Galli and Andy Crouch are to lead the US magazine Christianity Today.
Christianity Today: Team of champions

Jesuit, 92, penalized after eucharistic liturgy with woman priest
National Catholic Reporter: Priest who participated in a eucharistic liturgy with a woman priest has been ordered to no longer celebrate the Mass or perform any other priestly duties.

Missouri bishop's conviction leaves clergy divided
The New York Times: In the three months since Bishop Robert W. Finn was convicted of failing to report a pedophile priest a significant number of his own priests have lost confidence in him.

Taking care of clergy in the storm
Daily Episcopalian: In many places the call of the church of the future is slamming into the church of the past, with clergy caught in the storm.

The Spark

Respect for the dead wanes when funeral processions hit insane Washington traffic
When P.A. Wilson's big, black hearse rolls out toward the cemetery, he leads a procession of mourners whose grief has been cushioned by the traditions of death: His passenger is not dead but has "passed on." They are bound not for a grave but for a "final resting place." But as the Washington Post reports, then they hit traffic, and respect for the dead falls by the wayside.

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