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November 29, 2012

Thursday's News & Ideas

Mormonism: a scrutinized, yet evolving faith
NPR: Mormons say their religion is often misunderstood because, unlike other faiths, it changes with time.

When sharing the faith, keep it simple, joyful, credible, pope says
Catholic News Service: Pope Benedict XVI says Christians need to keep the Gospel message simple and live what they teach with love and joy.
Christian Today: UK Christians prefer 'friendship evangelism'

Colombian evangelical Christians convert to Judaism, embracing hidden past
Washington Post: Small community joins a worldwide movement in which descendants of Jews forced from Spain long ago are discovering and embracing their Jewish heritage.

'Two and a Half Men' actor's criticism of show shines light on Seventh-day Adventists
CNN Belief blog: Religion scholars say actor's comments deriding "Two and a Half Men" might speak to the zeal of a new convert and to some of the tenets of Seventh-day Adventism.

On 200th birthday, there's no'bah humbug' for Charles Dickens
Religion News Service: 'Tis the season for "Bah Humbug" and "God bless us every one," especially as the world caps off 200th anniversary year of Charles Dickens' birth.

The Spark

5 charts about climate change that should have you very, very worried
Two major organizations released climate change reports this month warning of doom and gloom if we stick to our current course and fail to take more aggressive measures. The Atlantic presents some of the more alarming graphic images from the reports.

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