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November 27, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

An imperfect God
The New York Times: Is it really necessary to say that God is a "perfect being," or perfect at all, for that matter?

Muslims, Christians seek common ground
Cincinnati Inquirer: A small, dedicated group of Muslims and Christians in Greater Cincinnati is debunking myths and dissolving stereotypes, one personal relationship at a time.

Fatigue is your enemy
Harvard Business Review blog: Not even the most talented and motivated employees can run on empty.

John Mulder, the Presbyterian Seminary's fallen leader, finds his spiritual renewal
Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal: John Mulder retains the bearded, bespectacled look of a professor, but he speaks in less academic and clinical terms about theology than he once did.

Lives cluttered
The Lutheran: How can we free up more space for the important things of life? The spiritual practice of shedding stuff.

The Spark

The snake in the garden
In an essay in The New York Times about anxiety, author Pico Iyer notes that we worry only about those things we can never do anything about. And then that very fact becomes something else we worry about. The cycle goes on and on until we let the mind give over to something larger -- wiser -- than itself. Sometimes, the best way to address a challenge is by not thinking about it.

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