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November 15, 2012

Thursday's News & Ideas

Christians exploring new ways to spread the word
Japan Times: Passersby would have thought it was just another event for the manga crowd. Instead, it was a Christian outreach tailored to modern Japanese sensibilities.

Performing the business of ministry
Associated Baptist Press: Recognizing that being a pastor involves more than preaching and pastoral care, seminaries are equipping ministers to handle the business side of church.

What is the biggest change evangelical seminaries need to make right now?
Christianity Today: Three visions of the future.

For Petraeus, echoes of other warrior David
Religion News Service: The rules on adultery may seem archaic to modern Americans, but they are essential to the military, where officers and soldiers entrust their lives to each other.

Pope Benedict XVI faces uphill challenge in trying to resurrect Latin
Religion News Service: Pope Benedict XVI seems convinced that revitalizing the study and use of Latin among priests and seminarians is a necessary step for the church's future.

The Spark

Don't even think about happiness!
Recently, Ann Turner stumbled across a blog called The Happiness Project. As she read further, she began to feel uncomfortable, she writes at Busted Halo. Worrying about happiness, she says -- whether we are, whether we've lost it, whether we had more of it a week, month or a year ago -- is soul-destroying .

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Ways to earn money for the church

Recently our church is faced with low funds from our church members,in what ways can I rasie income and also pray to our church members ,that there offerings are keeping our church going. As Leader in the church I handle all finances and pay the bills every month,however sometimes,its, all the brothers have taken from there bank accounts to pay for church needs and Morgage.

Do you have any ideas that would help us.

Herb Barrington,new church Leader

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