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November 9, 2012

Friday's News & Ideas

Getting into a benefactor's head
The New York Times: Philanthropic psychologist Jen Shang understands the power of prayer -- to open wallets.

Former oil executive appointed as archbishop of Canterbury
The New York Times: The bishop of Durham, Justin Welby was named today as the new archbishop of Canterbury.
The (London) Telegraph: Archbishop of Canterbury: first address by Justin Welby
The (London) Guardian: The new archbishop of Canterbury: money, sex and other headaches

Enlisting the Biblical Abraham as peace broker
The Wall Street Journal: The notion of "Abrahamic religion" tries to reconcile Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

My take: 7 Ways religious diversity played in the election
CNN Belief blog: Religious diversity was a key theme in the election, Stephen Prothero says.
Washington Post: After huge Hispanic vote, plenty of reason to compromise on immigration reform

8 surefire ways to demotivate your employees
National Federation of Independent Business: The best way to keep employee enthusiasm moving forward is to "first, do no harm."

The Spark

Be like Henry Ford: apprentice yourself in failure
One day in 1885, 23-year-old Henry Ford first saw a gas-powered engine, and soon made it his life's task to develop a new kind of horseless carriage that would revolutionize transportation, Fast Company reports. Want to make the Model T of your generation? Then take a closer look at the hard-knock story of Henry Ford's early string of abject failures.

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