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November 8, 2012

Thursday's News & Ideas

Justin Welby: an archbishop who could do the business
The (London) Guardian: The man expected to be the next archbishop of Canterbury, with his background in Eton and oil, appreciates the realities of power.
The (London) Guardian: Justin Welby set to be named as new archbishop of Canterbury

How the faithful voted: 2012 preliminary analysis
The Pew Forum: Basic religious contours of the 2012 electorate resemble recent elections.

The online funeral
Wall Street Journal: Unable to attend his grandfather's funeral because of Hurricane Sandy, Evan Selinger and his family instead gathered around a laptop to watch the live webcast.

Film portrays Apostle Paul struggling in church strife
Nashville Tennessean: Filmmaker Rob Orlando has one piece of advice when it comes to reading the Bible: Follow the money.
A Polite Bribe: Featured scholars

'Mormon Moment' RIP
Washington Post: Now that the election is over, David Mason is looking forward to a break from the country's daily construction of his identity.

The Spark

How the stress of disaster brings people together
Ever feel that stress makes you more cranky, hot-headed or irritable? A new suggests that acute stress may actually lead to greater cooperative, social, and friendly behavior, even in men, Scientific American reports. This more positive and social response could help explain the human connection that happens during times of crises.

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