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November 7, 2012

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Election results raise questions about Christian right's influence
CNN Belief blog: On multiple levels, Tuesday's election results seem to mark a dramatic rejection of the Christian right's agenda.
Religion Dispatches: The great religious realignment

Goodbye, Christian America; hello, true Christianity
Huffington Post: We need to go back to the basics of living as disciples of Christ and demonstrating the Gospel in tangible ways, says World Vision president.

Hernando pastor named 'food hero' by magazine
Memphis (Tenn.) Commercial-Appeal: Cooking Light magazine lauds pastor for his local, regional, and national crusade against obesity.

Religious freedom in Europe - when both sides go too far
The (London) Guardian: Four British cases at the European court of human rights highlight the collision of libertarian and secularist approaches.

Post-election day devotion
Ministry Matters: Whether you are happy with or disappointed in the outcome of the presidential race or any state and local races, we have a lot to be thankful for.

The Spark

Do the arts open hearts?
Would you like to meet people who are engaged in their communities, tolerant of others' differences, and more willing than most to help out those in need? Pacific Standard magazine reports that you should try a concert hall, theater lobby, or art museum.

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