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October 8, 2012

Monday's News & Ideas

Henri Nouwen: The life of a spiritual giant
The Toronto Star: Lonely, yet luminous, broken, yet prolific, angst-ridden, yet life-giving, Henri Nouwen, remains deeply compelling, as new biography reveals.

Christianity considered as true
The (London) Guardian: The idea of resurrection into eternity is central to Christianity: it makes sense precisely because it's nonsense in earthly terms.

Polygamy may be hot, but in marriage three's still a crowd
Washington Post: Same-sex marriage does not open the door to polygamy because what matters in marriage is not who but how many, says law and religion scholar.

Clergy on the catwalk as designer vestments spread
The (London) Guardian: Gorgeous robes are not just for Popes and archbishops.

Meeting of minds: senior clergy gather in Rome
The (London) Independent: Senior Catholic clergy gather in Rome for what is being billed as a crucial attempt to roll back the "tsunami of secularisation" in Western Europe and North America.

The Spark

Why we're suckers for sorrow
One paradox of good fiction is that it centers on sadness. If fiction gives us pleasure, then why are we drawn towards what's gravely unpleasant? As Big Think reports, there are few possible reasons why we're suckers for sorrow.

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