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September 11, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

The politics of race and religion -- in two pie charts
Washington Post: Political party stereotypes are at least partially accurate -- if not entirely illustrative of the full face of either party.

Episcopal Church woos Latinos to congregations
NPR: Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and for the Episcopal Church, the numbers are an opportunity.

Pastor doesn’t let mid-service heart attack keep her from preaching
The Joplin (Mo.) Globe: For 81-year-old pastor Crystal Wicks, recovery from heart attack borders on miraculous.

Evangelicals seek a future for thousands of frozen embryos
Religion News Service: Evangelicals are leading the charge to adopt embryos, and encouraging people who have stockpiles of frozen embryos to make them available for adoption.

More area Catholic ordinations challenge a national trend
Kansas City Star: In Missouri and Kansas, more men are being ordained or studying to become priests.

The Spark

A great novel gives us access to a world outside ourselves
Giles Fraser, an Anglican priest and columnist for The (London) Guardian, recently offered his daughter £50 to read “Anna Karenina” after they saw a preview of a new film version of the Tolstoy novel. Though he feels a little guilty about the bribe – which she readily accepted – Fraser says reading is a passport to freedom from the all-about-me culture we now inhabit.

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