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August 20, 2013

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Worshippers' digital distraction may not be all bad
Religion News Service: For many bored churchgoers, fiddling with smartphones or computer tablets is the 21st-century equivalent of playing tic-tack-toe or dozing off during services.

Funerals at home
Daily Episcopalian: The Rev. Heidi Haverkamp recently presided at a tiny home funeral, and says it was more intimate and powerful than any funeral she has ever been part of.

A true leader is an aggressive listener
Big Think: Leadership isn't about having all the answers, but having the right questions and an ability to listen and work collaboratively.

The faux religion of Steve Jobs
CNN Belief blog: Forget the forbidden fruit logo and the cult of Apple jokes. The legacy of Steve Jobs is anything but religious.

Map: What religion does your member of Congress identify with?
BuzzFeed: A breakdown of Congress' religious makeup.

The Spark

Saying goodbye to my child, the youngster
Michael Gerson put on his best face when he and his wife recently dropped off their son as a freshman at college. But, as he writes at the Washington Post, "it was the worst thing that time has done to me so far ."

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