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August 19, 2011

Friday's News & Ideas

Ecumenical vs. evangelical
Inside Higher Ed: Historian's paper traces the "Protestant dialectic" between ecumenical and evangelic strands of the faith since roughly the end of World War II.

Pope demands greater ethics in economic policy
Associated Press: Pope warns at the start of a visit to Spain that Europe must realize that economic policy cannot be guided by a profit-driven mentality alone.
US Catholic: World Youth Day brings out the worst in people

The freedom of Will
Associated Baptist Press: Despite a stroke that left him with a significant speech impairment, Will Campbell, 87, still speaks through writings that brand him a Baptist prophet, says Bill Leonard.

The afterlife of Brian
New Statesman: Does a thirty-year-old blasphemy row still have relevance today?

What is a "Know-Nothing"?
Patheos: Anti-Catholicism was once so acceptable in America that you could buy candy promoting it.

Chinese Jews face existential questions
Wall Street Journal: In eyes of Judaism as well as Beijing, tiny Kaifeng community isn't quite kosher.

The Spark

That's so mysto
Juliet Lapidos was warned before reading Tom Wolfe's 1968 book, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," that he and other New Journalists slathered their prose with slang. So she wasn't shocked to find words like dig, trippy, groovy, grok, heads, hip, mysto and, of course, cool. But Wolfe's psychedelic time capsule made her wonder about the relative stickiness of all these words, she writes at Slate. Why is cool still omnipresent, while groovy is so dated? And what happened to mysto?

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