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August 2, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

2013 executive coaching survey
Stanford Graduate School of Business: Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice -- but nearly all want it.

All corporations go to heaven
Slate: The Supreme Court will soon decide if CEOs can impose their religious convictions on the people who work for them.

An evangelical scientist's notes on climate change and faith
Religion & Politics: Science helps ecologist Dorothy Boorse understand how human activities affect global conditions, but it is her faith that moves her to call attention to climate change.

The village where half the population are sex offenders
BBC: At the edge of the everglades, and over two miles from the nearest town, around 200 people live in the small, neat bungalows of Miracle Village.

The pope's security strategy: trust people
Busted Halo: Security at World Youth Day has always been a challenge, but Pope Francis wants us to understand that we need not fear one another.

The Spark

House party: working and living at the office
At Enplug, a small advertising-tech company in Los Angeles, 12 of the company's 37 employees, including the CEO, work and live together in a company-rented house, The Wall Street Journal reports. The idea is to live and breathe work without the commute and few outside distractions. "We don't try to separate work life from our personal life," says the CEO. "It's a little bit cultish. It is also extremely efficient."

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