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July 23, 2012

Monday's News & Ideas

Why gun control is a religious issue
America: Perhaps it is the kairos, as Jesus said: the right time, in this case for religious people to pray about these issues in a new light.
CNN Belief blog: The Batman killings and the evil that we do
National Catholic Reporter: 'The Dark Knight Rises' and the franchise fades

Church, temple, mosque
The New York Times: When it comes to freedom to worship, at least, Martha Nussbaum is an unabashed proponent of American exceptionalism.

Church in Wales modernisation plans unveiled
BBC: Radical change is needed if the Church in Wales is to secure its future, according to a report.

One-third of colleges are on financially 'unsustainable' path, Bain study finds
Chronicle of Higher Education: Study of 1,700 public and private nonprofit colleges finds that one-third have been on an "unsustainable financial path" in recent years.

Atheists making political inroads
Newsday: The United States is witnessing a growing, empowered nonreligious demographic.

The Spark

When hyphen boy meets hyphen girl, names pile up
Those born at the height of the name-hyphenating craze will be the first to tell you -- having two last names can be more trouble than it's worth, NPR reports. And now that the hyphenated generation is marrying and parenting, a whole host of new tricky situations has emerged.

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