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July 17, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

It's out with the old as Christian values fall away
The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald: We should be concerned that the population is aging at the same time belief in a transcendent narrative of humanity's sacred worth is declining.

In Queens, carver tells religious stories through wood
CNN Belief blog: In the Queens neighborhood of Astoria, woodworker Konstantinos Pilarinos lovingly chisels elaborate carvings destined for Greek Orthodox churches across the country.

Mixing politics, religion, and baseball
Minnesota Public Radio: The Saint Paul Saints minor league team will change their name to the Aints as part of Atheist Night at the old ballyard.

Christianity's broken houses of faith
Charlotte (N.C.) Observer: "Kumbaya" connotes "naive, unrealistic optimism." Which pretty much covers any hope that Christians will reach consensus over gays and gay marriage.
The (London) Guardian: An inclusive church is a fundamental gospel imperative

Race, religion and politics: A look at the election impacts
ABC News: Racially insensitive attitudes toward blacks cost Barack Obama some votes, and to a lesser extent negative views on Mormonism hurt Mitt Romney politically.

The Spark

The id, the ego and the superhero: What makes Batman tick?
When you look at Batman with a coldly analytical eye -- and he's hard to avoid these days -- a few things stand out as potential red flags, NPR reports: the secrecy, the lair, the attraction to danger, the blithe self-sacrifice, the ... cape. Is he entirely ... well?

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