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July 6, 2012

Friday's News & Ideas

Fears Church of England vote on women bishops has begun to unravel
The Guardian: This weekend's gathering of the General Synod was supposed to be the moment at which the Church of England would pass legislation permitting women to become bishops. But some say changes to the measure in effect legitimize discrimination.

Religion has disappeared from presidential campaign rhetoric
The Deseret News: Candidates are giving God a rest from the spotlight, Bill Maxwell says.

Seems awkward, ignores the rules, but brilliant: meet the maverick job candidate
Knowledge@Wharton: Hiring a maverick can help your organization with creative, independent thinking, according to a new paper.

Man who attacked priest in revenge is not guilty of felonies
Los Angeles Times: A jury has found a San Francisco man not guilty of felony assault and felony elder abuse, despite his admission that he attacked the priest accused of molesting him nearly four decades ago.

Clergy enlisted to assist veterans
The (Louisville) Courier-Journal: As hundreds of thousands of veterans return with physical and psychic injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Department of Veterans Affairs hopes to enlist clergy of all faiths to help them.

The Spark

5 reasons for technological optimism
Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson says that the future won't be anything like “The Terminator.” The website Big Think offers an inspiring mosaic of five thinkers -- including Tyson -- on our future relationship with technology. How it turns out, they all agree, is entirely up to us.

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