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July 3, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

The Mormon lens on American history
The New York Times: A growing cadre of young scholars of Mormonism are enjoying their own turn in the sun, and not just on the nation's op-ed pages.
Reuters: Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony

What's up with boards these days?
Inside Higher Ed: Trustees are different than they used to be, and U.Va.-like clashes will be more common.

Why a president's faith may not matter
CNN Belief blog: We're accustomed to presidential displays of piety but historians say a president's faith is no sure guide to how he will govern.

With health-care battle not yet over, Obama must reach out to religious leaders
Washington Post: After Supreme Court ruling, furious popular and religious antipathy against the law continues.

Big church, little church: Largest UM congregation helps strugglers
United Methodist Reporter: Program uses success of nation's largest United Methodist church to breathe life into small UM churches facing hardships.

Pope taps German theologian to head orthodoxy office; Mueller a friend of liberation theology
Associated Press: Pope names Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller to head the Vatican's orthodoxy office he presided over for nearly a quarter-century enforcing Catholic doctrine.

The Spark

World explorer discovers people 'hanging out'
The divide between leisure and work that defines our lives is really a Western thing, cultural anthropologist Wade Davis tells Geez magazine. "In traditional cultures there is no separation between work and leisure, there is only life."

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