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July 2, 2013

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Prayers for Mandela: Healing or a`peaceful end'?
CNN Belief blog: When medical treatment can extend life interminably, what's the right thing to ask of doctors -- or of the Almighty?
The (London) Guardian: Not talking about death only makes it more lonely and frightening

Then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan tried to protect money from claims, records show
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Archdiocese of Milwaukee releases depositions, offender priest files in sex abuse cases.

Gay marriage: a country is moving, it's people not so much
Pacific Standard: Comparing a multi-year study of attitudes with other surveys suggests that America's growing acceptance of gay marriage does not necessarily mean that individual feelings have shifted.

Archbishop of Canterbury plans credit union for the clergy
The (London) Telegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury plans to expand the reach of credit unions to break the hold of payday lenders in the short-term loans market.

Calif. judge says public school yoga not religious
Associated Press: A judge is allowing a San Diego-area school district to teach yoga, rejecting the claims of disgruntled parents who called it an effort to promote Eastern religion.

The Spark

Why China loves to build copycat towns
China is well known for its pirated DVDs and fake iPhones, but, as BBC Magazine reports, this "copycat culture" extends to architecture too - with whole towns sometimes replicated.

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