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May 13, 2013

Monday's News & Ideas

Modern-day rabbi must be CEO, teacher and spiritual leader at once
Jewish Daily Forward: Jewish seminaries scramble to meet myriad new demands.

Love thy stranger as thyself
The New York Times: Some of the most enthusiastic endorsements of the new immigration bill have come from traditional evangelicals, who insist that reform "respects the God-given dignity of every person."

Malcolm Boyd brought Christianity into the streets to promote civil rights
Christian Science Monitor: Episcopal priest Malcolm Boyd has taken the message of Christianity outside the walls of church to champion minority rights and show that God is everywhere.

Baptist Seminary signs deal to move to Henrico office park
Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch: Baptist Theological Seminary leaving campus for office park in downsizing move.

Meet thy neighbor, former pastor encourages North Texans
WFAA Dallas-Ft. Worth: After hearing about the Cleveland kidnapping case, former pastor is hoping to convince stand-offish North Texans to meet their neighbors.

The Spark

When helping hurts
American parents are more involved in their children's lives than ever, scheduling play dates, assisting with homework and even choosing college courses. All that assistance has costs -- depleted bank balances, constricted social lives -- but parents endure them happily, believing they are doing what is best for their children. But, as two psychology professors ask in The New York Times, what if all that help is actually harming our children?

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