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May 8, 2013

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Plague on both their houses: The real story of growth and decline in liberal and conservative churches
Australian Broadcasting Commission: There are good reasons to doubt the explanation usually given for the decline of liberal Christianity. The challenges facing both liberal and conservative churches may be more alike than is often assumed.

Anglican faith in church attendance is not enough
The (London) Guardian: As the Church of England pootles along like an exhausted cyclist, will it take congregational size seriously or just wobble and collapse?

When the CEO burns out
Wall Street Journal: Job fatigue catches up to some executives amid mounting expectations.

The last evangelical celebrity? Tim Tebow's firing may signal a recession among the faithful
Salon: As Tim Tebow bows out of his red-hot celebrity (for now, at least), a Christian movement faces a celebrity deficit.

Creating connections by erasing boundaries
Religion News Service: Tom Ehrich says the aim isn't to be better or to be right, but to connect with other people who are connecting with God.

The Spark

The walking cure
There is a reason we don't talk about "sidewalk rage": It doesn't exist, at least where Michael Rossman, S.J., has lived. Writing in America, he says he cannot remember being angry on the sidewalk. Life is slower on the sidewalk -- this is most definitely not "life in the fast lane"-- but it's also far less stressful.

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