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May 2, 2013

Thursday's News & Ideas

National Day of Prayer
First Things: You might not have noticed it, but today is the National Day of Prayer.
Washington Post: On the National Day of Prayer, time for a revival
The (London) Guardian: National Prayer Day and the insidiously coercive religiosity of its promoters

Dismal parting for storied D.C. church and its first black pastor
Washington Post: Turmoil at D.C.'s First Baptist Church raises familiar themes of race, power and angst over how to reverse declining membership at U.S. houses of worship.

Longing for vision
Associated Baptist Press: Instead of writing off their visionaries as eccentric, many churches would do well to pay them heed, says Molly Marshall.

Pope Francis and his Protestant views
National Catholic Reporter: Presbyterian elder Bill Tammeus hears echoes of Calvin in Pope Francis' theology.

Why isn't 'servant leadership' more prevalent?
Working Knowledge: Everyone from Lao-Tzu to Max De Pree thinks servant leadership is a wonderful model. Why then, asks Professor James Heskett, is this style so rare among CEOs?

The Spark

How to be a better friend
Sunny Sea Gold has had the same best friend since the first grade, although they don't live in the same state and rarely call when they say they will. How can they possibly feel so close? As Gold explains in the Scientific American, conventional friendly actions have less to do with how satisfying a friendship is than with what you give each other on a more nuanced, psychological level. Here are some ways to strengthen your bonds.

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