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April 23, 2013

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Don't blame religion for Boston bombings
Religion Dispatches: Why did the Boston bombers do it? And did religion play a role?
The Daily Beast: The terrorist tipping point: what pushed the Tsarnaev brothers to violence?
Time: Hope amid disaster: sermons after the Boston bombings

Confidence in religion drops
Sightings: What religious leaders and members should take from surveys showing decline in confidence is a renewed awareness that the public is watching.

Catholic bishops: Don't let Boston attacks derail immigration reform
Religion News Service: Leading U.S. Catholic bishops denounce efforts to use the Boston Marathon bombings to derail the push for immigration reform.

LDS seminary stretches beyond Utah to reach all-time enrollment high
The Deseret News: LDS religious education program now reaching more LDS teenagers than ever before.

Homophobic outbursts: anti-gay attacks spike as marriage vote nears
Spiegel: Debate over same-sex marriage legislation divides France, with an increase in aggressive homophobic sentiment.

The Spark

Sit up straight, and other advice from big mother
Reto Stamm hasn't lived with his parents for 12 years. Last fall, he got a digital stand-in. As The Wall Street Journal reports, inventors are making a business out of what your mother used to needle you about. Some call it "Big Mother" tech -- like George Orwell's all-knowing Big Brother, but with your best interests at heart.

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