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April 18, 2013

Thursday's News & Ideas

Good Friday on Boylston Street
America: In this Easter season, Boston is now back in Good Friday, says James Martin, S.J.

The myth of news media as secularist conspiracy
Religion Dispatches: The real issue is not the lack of trained religion reporters, but rather Americans' widespread ignorance about religion, says Diane Winston.

Former 'Jesus freak' traces the evolution of Christian rock
Religion News Service: Bob Gersztyn has put together his love of pop music and photography to publish "Jesus Rocks the World - The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music."

Liberation theology: an interview with James Nickoloff
National Catholic Reporter: After reading so many simplistic accounts of liberation theology, Jamie Manson decided to talk to an authority on the issue

Jobs at religious colleges
Inside Higher Ed: Being raised in a religious home does not automatically qualify someone for a job at a religious college nor does merely "honoring" or "appreciating" its values.

The Spark

Ice cream's identity crisis
In certain working-class homes when Dan Barry was growing up, Breyers ice cream lent a momentary class that lasted as long as room temperature would allow, in part because it was "All Natural." Today, you can still buy Breyers, but as Barry writes in The New York Times, things have changed.

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